About Scroobiesoft
after a 24-year hiatus, i have decided to return to the videogame industry, this time as an indie dev making my own personal masterpieces for you to enjoy

good ideas [but a video-game)

"kyle wake up it's the day of the cringson financial company idea conpetition"
"we must make our powerpoint"

(Q4 2016) guaranteed by summer 2017
Cursed Moodgem

Keep an eye on your energy radiation with this easy-to-use moodgem (but watch out because it is cursed).
chimbbo's kids' activity fun pack

Play Games, Do Fun Coloring Pages, Sing Songs, And So Much More With Chimbbo!

Stock Warlock

Let the Stock Warlock be your direct link to Wall Street in the exciting world of the stock market.

(Sometime 2017 maybe idk)